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2005 - 2006 was filled with new adventures and frequent travel . . .

As many of you already know, I want to learn how to do everything!.   My two new certifications included becoming a Rescue Diver and obtaining my CA. Real Estate Salesperson License.   I was busy working, studying, taking classes., and traveling, but was seriously beginning to miss my adrenaline rushes that came from motor cycle riding and skydiving.   I had flown in a police helicopter when they still had an Air Support in Compton and had gotten a lot of experience actually flying as a co-pilot.   I read maps, did training flights, used infra red and left hand rotations looking for suspects, patrolled the city at night, and puked every time.My favorite flights were (always without doors) coastal cruising, especially when I would assume the controls, and midnight helipad landings in downtown L.A. with adrenaline charged forward drops and 90 degree angles that gave me the felling of suspension.   Getting my helicopter license was on my list of things to do later, but I never thought I would enjoy 14,000 feet from inside the cockpit of a small plane as much as the rush I get from jumping out of it!   I found that flying a plane wasn't like being a sick passenger, stuck in the back with turbulence, unable to get air.   I absolutely love it!   Besides basic VFR flying and yoke control, I got to learn how to input a flight plan, read the instruments, and work avionics.   IFR flying at night and through the clouds.   Vegas, Palm Springs, Mammoth and Arizona were an hour away.   I got to try snow boarding, drove various other boats, quads, and trailers, and learned how to wake board.       My extra goals for the next year include becomming a Certified Dive Master and getting my Private Pilot's License in 2008.   Followed by my CA. Real Estate Brokers License and eventually my Instrument Rating.   And bunch more stamps in my passport . . . !

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