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  I hadn't updated my site since the end of August, 2003 due to lots of work and travel.  A good thing.
  Based on the number of fan complaints, this was apparently very upsetting to some.  My much needed vacation from work for Christmas and New Year's turned into work and a 5 month plus stay in Sydney.

  I'm finally back from 'down under', where I picked up several new sayings, some of which I can't repeat . . . here are a few I kept hearing, along with their American translations:
How ya goin'? - how are you?
good on ya' - good job!
snog or pash - kiss
root, throw one up ya', put one thru ya' - have sex

My AU highlights:
  There is just something about being at the beach on Christmas . . . .
  The boating around the harbor on Peter's scarab (almost flipping), Peter's hovercraft, the Donut (Lisa's water emema - ouch!), Peter's monster truck that kept getting bigger ("Why does everyone stare?")
  The best place for ribs: Hurricane's at Bondi Beach; All that sashimi at Sushi Train; All the dinners; My Starbuck's addiction; Dancing at Establishment; My long walks with Ester, the Manly to Spit hike - 20km; The road trip . . . . "I dare you to . . . ."
  Byron Bay - total hippie, backpacker place; Julian Rocks dive - very beautiful, lots to see - hanging out with a leopard shark on the bottom; Noosa Heads - the gondola ride around the lake; The spoiled lobster "Kenny said it's the best!"; Fraser Island - the long trip (the memorable bus ride) to spend only an hour on the freshwater lake.
  Brisbane - another ice blended and we dropped off Puppet ("If you're going to be a bear, be a grisly bear!")
  The Manly Aquarium Shark Dive (only they don't let you touch any of the 9 Gray Nurse sharks)
  Jervis Bay (disappointing - very rough boat ride, cold water, and nothing to see).
  The Blue Mountains - you gotta see the Three Sisters and go on a long hike, only watch out for poisonous spiders and snakes!  I almost grabbed the one I have a picture of above.  Yikes!  I screamed so loud it echoed . . . .
  All the bats, especially on my walks home through Centennial park at night they'd swoop down and scare the poo-poo out of me;
  Boxing classes at Fitness First - more like aerobics, but a good workout, Bond St. gym is a pickup joint at lunchtime!!  I have never seen so many good looking single (Straight) guys in a gym; My Bondi Junction workouts - learning to use and balance on the Swiss ball.
  Kings Cross and all the transvestites!!
  The Bondi and Paddington Markets;
  Shopping on Oxford Street; Shopping everywhere!!
  The QVB; Double Bay (the Beverly Hills of Sydney);
  Public transportation; Waiting for public transportation, especially during the strike; Walking everywhere; Learning the city with a map and a pair of flip flops; Getting lost!!
  Learning to drive on the left side of the road in the right side of the car with a manual transmission!  Still getting lost!
  The mosquitoes (my "bug bites"); Not having cable, or a DVD player, or a VCR; Movies at Fox Studios;
  Paddy's Markets on Sundays to stock the fridge; Coles for our meat and eggs ("too much colesterol!"); Trying Kangaroo meat and liking it, trying crocodile (kinda salty!), trying Vegemite . . . YUCK!
  The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb (not an adrenaline rush, but a beautiful view).  I was one of the 1.25 million elite climbers since 1998.  I'm hoping they'll add base jumping in the future.
  Melbourne for shopping (I spent 4 days and needed more time).  Their public transportation system is so easy!  I went by myself during the Australian Open and it was a blast; Canberra (the capital) - I only spent the day and would have liked to see more.  I did get to spend a few hours at the War Museum, which was very impressive.
  Going out all night; Jumping off rocks; Kayaking; "Strength;" The Drag Races (all the mullets); Cabramatta; Penrith Panthers and the Krispy Kreme stop.
  The bars and night clubs: Opera Bar, Hugo's, Hemisphere, Dragonfly, Goodbar, Tank, Cargo, Suzie Q's, Stonewall, and Rooby Rabbit (just to name a few)!
  The FROTT Party; "Knock it off!"
  The Waterloo apartment; Moving to Edgecliff; Moving again; Not wanting to leave . . .

  Thanks again to all the wonderful friends I made . . . . . Ester (the Queen), Peter (the Freak), Roberto (the Puppet), and Georgie (the sister I never had).  You will all remain in my heart forever . . . .

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