Available for purchase

. . . autographed and personalized photos of Eden.

#1 $12 #2 $12 #3 $12 #4 $14
#5 $12 #6 $12 #7 $14 #8 $17

*#1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7 photos are all approximately 8"x10"

*#8 is an 'Especially For You' novelty bag with drawstring handles, attached notecard, and double-sided picture of Eden - approx. 10" high by 8" wide by 4" deep

*prices include shipping and handling within U.S.

*email EDEN for information about placing an order
*check, money order, or I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service! payment available

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