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Eden's fashion insight and why the vintage craze:

   "I live for fashion.  I have always had an eye for what looks good and know exactly what I want.  Modeling has enabled me to travel the world and learn first hand what fashion is all about.

   The trends in fashion are traveling the highway of diversity.  Designers are mixing and matching shapes, colors, fabrics, textures, and sizes - the more striking the better.  Romantic styles and quality vintage items using eye catching appliques, embroidery, lace, layers, ruching, knitting, beading, and brocading became a sure fire hit these past several seasons.  The new millenium has definitely said goodbye to sloppy (think 90's grunge) dressing.  Quality and details are what customers want.  Luxury is in the fabrics.  Materials range from silk, satin, and chiffon to the softest cotton, velvet, wool, angora, and cashmere to leather, suede, varieties of exotic animal skins, feathers, and fur.  Materials that look fabulous and feel amazing to the touch.  Heavily embellished belts and bags, fringed, tooled, bejeweled, weaved, knitted, crocheted, patchworked, and adorned - you name it.  Quality, detail, and craftsmanship are key.

   Almost every successful designer looks to vintage styles to recreate, gathering inspiration for their collections, and sometimes exactly copying a prior (vintage) design.  So many pieces are so beautiful but totally unaffordable.  When I first started making good money, I spent it all, every season, on my wardrobe.  The worst part of it, other than the price tag, was that my new hot expensive designer item wasn't even that unique.  And heaven forbid you were caught carrying last season's 'it' bag.  You might as well commit fashion suicide.

   I have been collecting vintage and antiques as long as I can remember.  I've always enjoyed being unique and I found that the quality of vintage was vastly superior to modern items.  They just don't make things like they used to.  I began integrating my wardrobe more and more mixing the old with the new.  I also began creating some of my own clothing and accessories.  I found I got more and more compliments on my style.  Best of all I was comfortable and happy with the way I looked.

   While living in Europe, I scoured the Paris flea market and every high end vintage boutique I could find, looking for designer names and other quality finds.  At that time, vintage was not quite 'in vogue', so you could stumble upon more treasures.  Occasionally finding myself cash poor because of sometimes waiting months to be paid by my agencies for modeling jobs I had done, I asked several other successful models if they ever found themselves in that position.  Apparently they not only all did, but most of them were a lot worse off.  On paper we were making a lot of money, but by the time you got a check, it wasn't that much.  A top model recommended I check out the (second hand) consignment stores.

   The stores wanted 50 to 60 percent of the profit and I wouldn't get paid until the items sold.  I wasn't happy with that at all.  Luckily, I wasn't in that position for too long.  I thought more and more about opening a boutique of my own, so I continued to build my collection.  I began buying designer clothes directly from other models.  Working on photo shoots, I had the opportunity to sometimes buy the items used.  I did whenever I could.  I began to supply a few stylists and models with my finds.  When fashionistas needed unique finds, they began coming to me.  At that point I was still treating my passion for fashion as a hobby, just something I did because I love it.  Then slowly, vintage items began popping up more and more in fashion shoots and on celebrities.

   Several friends encouraged me to go into business.  I was buying and selling almost exclusively to people 'in the industry' and wanted to branch out and reach people all over the world.  I wasn't a huge fan of computers, but knew that the internet was the solution.  I was working so much and constantly traveling, that I really didn't have the time to do it.  At least not alone.  I pitched the idea and www.vintagedesignerclothing.com was born.

   Buying vintage and especially vintage designer clothing enables us to have the best quality for affordable prices and to be much more individual.  My best piece of advice to everyone is to adapt a style that fits your body and your personality and have fun with it.  Fashion is whatever you make it."

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