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After numerous requests for pictures and emails about what I did for the holidays, I am giving you the highlights here.   Below and above are a few pics from New Year's Eve at the Delano Hotel in South Beach (Miami) . . . .

       The night's Master of Ceremonies was Jamie Foxx . . . who was very approachable and friendly.   I ended up being somewhere (mostly by the Delano pool) he was several days in a row, and he still seemed pretty normal.   I'd definitely like to see him win the Oscar.    Queen Latifah also appeared on stage with the posse of entertainers to help ring in 2005.
   So it's just after midnight and I'm looking at the stage and 20 feet in front of me I see Rochelle, a "model girlfriend" I hadn't seen in a while.   She's the one I fight in the Survival Auto Insurance Commercial, which was what reminded me to post those pics (you can find the link below).
   . . . .Back to the Delano.   There was a lot of talk about the Miami Vice re-make starring Jamie and notorious bad boy, Colin Farrell.    Colin was a no show but I was very excited (and a bit embarassed) when I found out I had been standing next to its director, Michael Mann.    I really enjoy his work, so I had to get a picture.   I know, I'm a geek!
   Other wandering party goers included Deuce Bigalow (a.k.a. Rob Schneider) and David Schwimmer (who I also saw at Tantra during the week).    From the Delano I party hopped to the very packed Shellborne and then the Raleigh.   By 5am I found myself (completely sober but) very tired and hungry at Mynt, debating going in or not.   My tummy won (it always does) so we left to grab steak and eggs from News Cafe (my most frequented spot on Ocean Drive).   Yum!   And that was my New Year's . . . .

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